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My Story: Hi, my name is Michael. I grew up in a very crazy lifestyle, both of my parents dealt with addiction as well as my father being incarnated for 23 years starting at the age of 5, which left my mom to raise 2 boys on welfare and start her own journey to beat addiction. I saw ups and downs of life at a very early age which led me to dealing with my own issues with addiction and metal illness. I did EVERYTHING when I was young to change my state of mind whether it was from partying at a young at, running away, fighting, you get the drift. It began to become clear that I needed to stop trying to run away from my demons and to face them head on and made me hungry to do everything I could to get myself to a better place. I believe from my years of self-development and self-work that I am here to help people like me and to let them know there’s a better life for them!

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